the stream or the pond

To  be or not to be?
that’s not the question
amidst the azure sea of doubt
Iies the question

the deep end looming blue
the limbs dance and shake
the skin creases and recoils
joints tremble
guts grumble

the breeze of that moment
and the currents of the days
Cuts forth and behold
the day is pregnant.

to let the river flow
Or  dam (n) it
to let the horizon glow
Or to shun it

that’s the question.

that sea is blue
but the waters …clear
we could go through
we could fear.

the serene stream swaggers on
the waters twist and murmur along
the path,fashioned by fate before
the whispers become music
music of nature
a mockery to the indecisive stagnant man above

he stares beneath
Wishes he could lean forward and kiss the waters
Share in their peace and focus
But lo!
that would be-


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The stars pass by

My shadow shrinks as ur light shines upon me

You, who takes the radiance off my countenance, ‘hey!’


I could have cursed this day

And wished you away

I could have disowned this feeling

And acted unwilling


But how strong thy strings hold

How irretrievably my heart you mould

A devoted marionette of thy make

From your grasp I cannot shake


my psyche you’ve made thine

with my predicament your happiness does dine

my anguish thy gain

Your soothe my pain


For one very last time

Let thy countenance and mine rhyme

Just for a moment

let thy warmth my cold heart ferment



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rant: the hate, the stupid hatred

Insidiously Invasive
The Danger
The stranger

Economically bleeding
Blood “greeding”


Purely primitive

through and through
and equally powerful
Seething with hatred
The innumerable dead

It’s unholy
Undeniably Silly
Merciless bully

To hell
emphatically tell
This useless empty shell
To Ferk off
Die off
Drown in stale Smirnoff







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my imaginary Bae

her image,

lurking in the conduits of my memory

Like a one-eyed monster of the legend

She looms tall and huge, threatening

Shedding reverberating chills down my spine



Her wit and composure

The lovely glow of her eyes

The beauty on her face,

the artistic genius of her figure

She won me over,

Head over heels,

Without uttering a single word

Blood boils within my veins

My heart dances at her sight

My body trembles in veneration

The phallus stands in admiration

Reason, retreats ,folding it’s tail

Logic follows the trail

What I want I know not

What I need is her

What I deserve…

eternal loneliness

my heart bleeds for her

pleads for her

its cold war inside

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swali nyeti

Sprawled upon the fields of cain
‘nderneath the ire of the gods
That ‘chameleon’ at odds
All in vain

The mutant reptile
Master of disguise
The mythical lie
This brace
how deceitful soul of man!

He were stronger a mortal
They said he were god
Turned him alien
So how could he had become man
Without desire,not weak as we

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(may be i should send you a poem
too, just a poem)…

Often my eyes stare at you
my limbic system,
clogging with
the mere thought of you throws
myworld onto a spin
like a drunk man,
my heart staggers
to the music of your glow
We meet, i look at you
seeing nothing,
my retina gone blue
my heart ,helter skelter-
cruises faster and faster.
my mouth dries up
only one word comes out

yet down there,
amidst the azure sea
of awkward silence,
lost in the innocent smile
is the true words
I meant to utter..

‘I love you
very much!’

-another opportunity lost-

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regret the cool phase

Looking back

Deep down in the realms of the damned

Pieces of broken dreams


Tucked behind weeping walls of doubt

And swept underneath this carpet

Of blame and indolence



Plastic karma…


Fact: Fear, cowardice;

Sheer incompetence


The fluttering heart

And the fragile-ling you were

A sacrifice upon the altar of conspiracy

Too nice, too cool

The price; ‘You fool!’


Every man for himself

Every woman for us all,

That’s society

A people bent towards self annihilation

Nature’s winning

Hail Darwin!


Raise your bottle, let’s toast

To ye damned cowards, afraid to die

You good, good for nothing victims,

Of a sadist generation

Let’s toast to your lives

In denizens yonder!!



To be  continued…
















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