This is how all could  end
Like we began
Empty and hopeless,
Bound for the deep
As we came,so we go,
Ignorant of our next destination
Puppets ,
For the audience of the cosmic ‘gods’
Pushed and pulled,
By hand of fate
Victims of  our own ego,
Can we escape this fate,
Can we decide when to come
And go
Can we break this yoke of mortality
That we die consciously,
And choose the path to follow thereafter
That we tame death,                                                                                                                                                 our tube to the world yonder
Then we wake up,
Sober up,                                                                                                                                                   realising ’twas ethanol foaming  within our systems                                                                      Naturally  we have accepted
no say in our lives

To be born is fate,
Death another                                                                                                                                                             so our cowardly minds claim
dig graves  we’re bound to die,                                                                                             they allege
like maggots we’re born                                                                                                                                              like ‘hiphones’ we die

cowards venerate death but die and they’re gone                                                                                                                   men mock death and live on
Obey fate!
Fear it!
Worship fate!
Ye Coward!


About phinehasfinn

free spirit. love life. contemplative.
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