Demise of god


       she had cried for mercy
    enchanted that name of god
                  but in,
            excruciating pain
            her god was dead
           her innocence slain


       eyes float in sea of tears
        of a suckling babe and
   ’bout a green young spouse
                 he spake
      yet the bullet cut him short
              in cold blood
         his god,either busy
          enjoying the show


           voices rent the air
        he crawls off his lair
                 ‘my faith’,
shall be watered by white blood
        headlines next morn..
     “Hundreds dead at mall”
       does he pat his back,
         this terrorist’s god?


Ribs glitter under Ethiopian sun
camera clicks in ravenous greed
      vulture,of man and beast
  watch the child breath her last
               he for CNN
       the beast for her flesh
              and this god..
         the one she cries to
        powerless or sadistic ?-
           the unholy creed
        of man ,beast and god


             under these stars
             morality is dead
             justice a mirage
       truth , worse than fiction-
            no one’s in control
              god is gone too
             or he never were..


About phinehasfinn

free spirit. love life. contemplative.
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