regret the cool phase

Looking back

Deep down in the realms of the damned

Pieces of broken dreams


Tucked behind weeping walls of doubt

And swept underneath this carpet

Of blame and indolence



Plastic karma…


Fact: Fear, cowardice;

Sheer incompetence


The fluttering heart

And the fragile-ling you were

A sacrifice upon the altar of conspiracy

Too nice, too cool

The price; ‘You fool!’


Every man for himself

Every woman for us all,

That’s society

A people bent towards self annihilation

Nature’s winning

Hail Darwin!


Raise your bottle, let’s toast

To ye damned cowards, afraid to die

You good, good for nothing victims,

Of a sadist generation

Let’s toast to your lives

In denizens yonder!!



To be  continued…

















About phinehasfinn

free spirit. love life. contemplative.
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