my imaginary Bae

her image,

lurking in the conduits of my memory

Like a one-eyed monster of the legend

She looms tall and huge, threatening

Shedding reverberating chills down my spine



Her wit and composure

The lovely glow of her eyes

The beauty on her face,

the artistic genius of her figure

She won me over,

Head over heels,

Without uttering a single word

Blood boils within my veins

My heart dances at her sight

My body trembles in veneration

The phallus stands in admiration

Reason, retreats ,folding it’s tail

Logic follows the trail

What I want I know not

What I need is her

What I deserve…

eternal loneliness

my heart bleeds for her

pleads for her

its cold war inside


About phinehasfinn

free spirit. love life. contemplative.
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