the stream or the pond

To  be or not to be?
that’s not the question
amidst the azure sea of doubt
Iies the question

the deep end looming blue
the limbs dance and shake
the skin creases and recoils
joints tremble
guts grumble

the breeze of that moment
and the currents of the days
Cuts forth and behold
the day is pregnant.

to let the river flow
Or  dam (n) it
to let the horizon glow
Or to shun it

that’s the question.

that sea is blue
but the waters …clear
we could go through
we could fear.

the serene stream swaggers on
the waters twist and murmur along
the path,fashioned by fate before
the whispers become music
music of nature
a mockery to the indecisive stagnant man above

he stares beneath
Wishes he could lean forward and kiss the waters
Share in their peace and focus
But lo!
that would be-



About phinehasfinn

free spirit. love life. contemplative.
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